September 2022
September 2022


Harp Festival Zurich was established in 2019 together with Musik Hug Zurich and Salvi Music as a multi-instrumental platform, united by one of the oldest instruments – the Harp. More than 200 Harp teachers in Switzerland and several thousand people play this instrument. We are proud to have our own Volk’s Harps, the only double Grammy Award winner – Andreas Vollenweider, modern harp factory – David Harps, and many young performers, alumni of Geneva, Zurich, Basel, Lugano, and Lucerne conservatories.

Our mission is to give people an opportunity to learn about this versatile instrument, find more fans and students, support young performers and invent new exciting combinations. COVID 2019 canceled the development of the art, but we would like to regain the development of the Festival and keep going in 2022.

This year the Festival will be partly dedicated to the current situation, uniting the players from Ukraine, Belarus, and Russia, making a concert of the choir and orchestra of the Refugees entering Switzerland in 2022, and helping charity organizations to achieve their goals. Also, we will present Swiss artists performing on the Electric Harps and make a new exciting competition Lira Helvetia, to increase the interest of the young generation
September 1
10:00Musik Hug Zurich – Harp Exhibition’s opening
12:00 – First round Lira Helvetia Competition in Zurich, Kriens, Allschwil, Lausanne
17:00Park Seleger Moor – Opening Concert of solidarity "Für die Zukunft":
Oleksandra Fedosova (Ukraine), Maksim Barbash (Belarus), Alexander Boldachev (Russia Switzerland).
Program: Myroslav Skoryk, Valentin Silvestrov, Valery Voronov (world-premiere), Alexander Litvinovsky (world-premiere), Sergei Slonimsky, Alexander Boldachev (world-premiere)
September 2
17:00-18:45Musik Hug Zurich – Swiss Electric-Harp Scene:
Lea Knecht (German Switzerland), Julie Campiche (French Switzerland), Kety Fusco (Italian Switzerland)
Our artist are performing their own compositions in unique style, using electronic harps.

19:00Musik Hug Zurich – Prize announcement and Closing ceremony of the competition with participation of David Joss and Lorenz Mühlemann, Swiss specialists in playing rare folk instruments: the lyre harp and the Swiss bow harp.

20:00Tonhalle Zurich – Charity concert "Für Harmonie" featuring a Children Choir LYUDY conducted by a refugee from Bucha Tatiana Severenchuk, an Orchestra of refugees, conducted by Francois Gérard Garcia. Together with them, soloists of the Yauheny Spiridonov's Academy LYUDY, Jazz Duo from Kyiv - Pavel Ignatiev and Katiko Purtseladze (Pavel Ignatiev & KaTiKo) and the Ukrainian singer Olga Rossi with unique program for laser harp and the voice of "novaYA".
September 3
17:00Musik Hug Zurich – Grand Finale "Lira Helvetia" with 12 best participants
19:00Musik Hug Zurich – Prize announcement and Closing ceremony of the competition with participation of David Joss and Lorenz Mühlemann, Swiss specialists in playing rare folk instruments: the lyre harp and the Swiss bow harp
September 4
14:00 - Lake Zurich – During the day we will have spontaneous performances on Zurich Lake Promenade
17:00 – Sechseläutenplatz – Harp and Church Bells - closing composition of the Harp Festival Zurich

Lira Helvetia is the Swiss Harp Competition for young harpists, organized with Musik Hug, focusing on discovering new talents and encouraging them to evolve, rise and present themselves on the top level.

To involve more contestants, we are having our first rounds in four cities: Zurich, Lucerne, Basel, and Lausanne, and the Grand Finale in one of Europe's oldest Music House on Zurich’s Limmatquai.

Our main goal is to raise interest in the harp in Switzerland & beyond and make this instrument more fashionable, modern, and attractive to the young generation. Therefore, we actively use social networks and communication between our contestants and the public.

Our contestants should get two main things: pleasure from being surrounded by music, care, and happiness; professional experience from the concert stage atmosphere, cheerful public, and expert feedback from the jury. We want to develop an independent and neutral Swiss culture.
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Alexander Boldachev
Founder & Artistic Director
Swiss-Russian harpist, composer, arranger, guest soloist at the Bolshoi Theater, and official artist of Salvi Harps. Prize-holder of various international competitions and awards, such as ProEuropa, Aoyama Music, Prix Walo, and many others.

Has produced more than 200 classical and pop arrangements and 30 compositions for harp and ensembles. Alexander is constantly touring around the world with concerts and workshops. Has six published albums.

The Festival had 5 main events, a harp exhibition, and workshops. We presented Jazz, Classical, Electronic, and Multigenre music from Russia, Netherlands, Switzerland, and the USA.
Headliners: Remy van Kesteren and Park Stickney. We were happy to have Kurt Aeschbacher as a moderator on our events. Over 1000 people were wising our concerts.
The Festival had three main events, mostly online due to pandemics. We presented Swiss Folk, Alternative, Fingerstyle, and Classical. Over 100 people we visiting our concert live and we had around 5’000 online listeners.
Headliners: Alex Misko and Andreas Vollenweider.

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Alexander Boldachev
Artistic Director
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Festival Administrator
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